Sunday, February 27, 2011

Peter Doherty.

I've always been a fan of The Libertines, since I was young. I never really paid attention to memebers of the band, I just appreciated their music. I took it upon myself a year or so back to look them up, Peter Doherty was the lead singer. I remembered Doherty from watching the news and overhearing my parents chit-chat. He was "bad news", always in trouble with the police because of some drug scandals. Okay, no problem, just don't look him up and don't get ideas. Easy.
So yesterday, a few years on, I decided to look him up properly. I read about his drug abuse and I watched as many interviews of him as I could. He seems like an alright guy. Not to mention his musical ability being huge. Not only do I fancy him an unreal amount, he is a fantastic lyricist. He's a great singer and he's good on the guitar. From my point of view the only thing letting him down is his drug use. But it's his choice, he doesn't do it for the attention, he said himself.  The press have shoved the view that he's a worthless smackhead down peoples throats and it's not fair. He gets arrested, yeah, not something he's proud of at all, he said so himself when talking to Johnathon Ross in 2007. Drugs are something that one gets addicted to, and it's different for everybody. Maybe he finds it very difficult to come off drugs, or maybe he just doesn't want to come off them at all, they're his way of letting go. We shouldn't judge him for that but judge him on his ability as an artist. I've not heard many songs better than ones he has wrote. He's a really funny guy and seems to be very genuine. He loves his children and makes great music. There are a lot of great musicians out there and people don't focus on their bad points, and everyone has done bad things in their lives. I obviously don't know as much on him as other people but this is my opinion on him. I'm going to read his autobiography (i think there's a few) because  I really would like to know more about him but I do think people need to see past the drugs and see the amazing musician that he is.