Sunday, October 9, 2011

Forgetting Completely About Blogspot! + Updates

Oh my GOD! I'd totally forogotten about this site for the last few weeks!!!
First I'd stopped posting because I've run out of inspiration for blog posts, which is never a good thing for a fashion and beauty "blogger". I'm hoping to get back into the run of things now, and possibly carry on with my youtube channel, I'm not sure yet.
During summer I went to England to visit my friend Megan, which was lovely, I met loads of lovely people who I miss hugely now but I'm planning on seeing them in February :-)

I also bleached my hair, oooops!
 Skeleton t-shirt - Topshop Sale. Light Blue High Waisted Levi Shorts - Vintage Shop in Brick Lane
I'm going shopping at the weekend so I will deffinitely put up a haul post then, I'm surprised all twelve of you are still here! Haha.