Monday, June 20, 2011

Colour Blocking - Introducing Colour into Summer 2011!

Something I've been reading about in nearly every fashion blog and arcticle is the introduction of bright colour into Summer through colour blocking. This trend was very popular in the Nineties with bright neons and eye catching patterns. The trend is hot on the catwalk in Spring and Summer of 2011, with bright colours catching your eye wherever you look. I am very excited about this trend, as the best way to welcome Summer is with bright, bold colours, I highly doubt we could get away with it during the Winter months!
The mixture of bright colours may look daunting to a few people but we need to learn to throw the "Are these colours clashing?" question out the window! If you're worried about going all out with your colours you can start small, with a bright nail polish and a clashing belt, and gradually get bigger and bolder with your colour as the weeks pass by, this trend won't be around forever, so why not embrace it and have some fun while it's here?
I'm quite nervous about trying this out myself, as i know it's risky wearing something bright in the dull town that I live it but I'll get the clouds out of my head soon and start living, the next time I'll be shopping I'll be headed straight towards the colours. I'm excited to pair colours together, experimenting and mixing and mismatching my make-up to suit it.
I'm so happy with how far the trend has come from last Summer, the contrast is so large.
In 2010 we had dulled neautrals and floral prints, the bright colours were minimal and paired with a dull colour:

In 2011 we have bright, brilliant colours, matched and mismatched to perfection:


  1. Hey :) This is a great post Sophie.
    I tried to message you rather than post it on here but it wouldn't let me. If you do want to ask anymore questions feel free to email me :) (although I'm quite new so I'm not sure how much I can help)

    Chelsea x

  2. The last catwalk items are the real deal. Wonderful.