Sunday, June 19, 2011

Product Review - Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation.

I bought this product with low expectations, and it lived up to them perfectly, I bought it for under €13 so I wasn't expecting much. It was difficult to find  nice shade too, as there was only about four to choose from so I went for the palest, as usual, "100, IVORY" not knowing what I was really going to get. I'm not a fan of trying samples on my face, for obvious reasons and I couldn't tell what would suit me from rubbling it on my hand. I took a chance, thankfully it was a good match with my skin tone.
When I got home I was so happy to have a new foundation as my last one had just run out and all I had was powder, I've gone through phases of wearing just powder and they're not ones I'd like to relive.
To my distaste I started using it to notice it was very runny and thin, it wouldn't go on my face well and once I had covered my face it looked as if I hadn't applied anything. It left my face shiny and oily looking, not something I'm a complete fan of, and if I was to use it alone I would have thrown it out straight away. My freakles and blemishes were very visable and I felt as if I had no coverage when using it.
A good thing about this product is that you cannot look caked in make-up when wearing it and 'foundation lips' are become non-existant. I will continue to use this until I buy another foundation. This is deffinitely going on my "products i regret buying" list.

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