Friday, June 24, 2011


Today I went shopping in the "Summer" Sales, the title didn't particularly suit the weather though, it's lashing rain! I'm just back after getting soaked to the skin, and without a coat may I add?!
I left the house with €100 to my name, and trust me, I am the happiest girl in the world, I spent it sooo well!
I went into Topshop first, desperately searching through the racks forjeans, but to no avail, the only ones I liked were the ones I already have! So I looked at the other racks.
I got this really lovely shirt for €15 on sale. I think it's really cool and the material is so comfy, I can't wait to wear it out!
I also seen this for €15, it's super cute and even though it's long sleved it's really light and cool, I like the way it falls and the breast pocket is a really nice touch!
I almost died when I seen vest tops on sale for only €4!! When does Topshop ever do deals like that?? I only got one, because I was planning on buying so much more. I'm not going to post a photo because you cansee straight through to my bra but I think it's really really nice.
This top was only €7  was delighted when I picked it up, I've been dying to get a plain white shirt for ages so I had to get it!
 All of that came to €41 but she asked me for my student card (I didn't know they did student discount on sale items?) So I got it for €36.90! Needless to say, I was happy!
Next I went into Villa, tried on countless jeans and still no luck, I did find this gorgeous jumper though, sadly it wasn't on sale but I did get a student discount, I paid €24.25 for this. It's baggy and cosy and has a super cute breast pocket. (I'm obsessed with breasst pockets lately!
 With most of my money gone I decided to treat myself! I went into Boots and straight to Soap & Glory and picked up a tub of Flake Away. It smells like angels and hearts and sweet things and smells so yummy! I've heard good reviews about this and I can't wait to start using it!
I also bought myself an eyeshadow by 17, the shade is called "Regal", it's a really pretty midnight blue and I bought a concealer stick from 17 too, I don't think I'll be entirely happy with it though, it's darker than I thought!
I am very happy with today, even though the weather was crap I bought some really nice things!
WHat have you bought this summer?


  1. Some lovely buys! I have a shopping spree in Topshop recently as well, I had to try and control how much i spent! haha

  2. Love the first tshirt! really cute :)