Sunday, June 26, 2011

Quick review - Soap & Glory + Lush!

I've never been mad into skin care or hair care. I always just used whatever shampoo was in the bathroom and didn't bother with conditioner. I also never really bothered with exfoliater or moisturiser or anything to make my skin feel lovely before. This is changing at lightning speed lately! Anytime I have money I always go into Boots or Superdrug or anywhere I know will sell something nice and I search the shelves for anything within my price range!
I bought Flake Away by Soap & Glory , which I mentioned in my last blog post which you can find here. I've used it about three times from then and the amount hasn't seemed to decrease at all. It really does exfoliate and feels so nice when it's being rubbed in. My skin has a really nice faint smell after I use it too, it's super gorgeous! The packaging is gorgeous too, it's my favourite shade of a coral pink and mmm I just want to eat it!
I was in Dublin yesterday for the very exciting Gay Pride Parade which I found incredible for my first year, I had ten euro to my name after buying my ticket so I went into Lush, I've gone into the shop everytime I went to Dublin so I was deffinitely going to get something after being very pleased with their lovely Each Peach Massage Bar!
I asked a very lovely sales woman to help me out and she explained to me ablout their different hair products and settled with New Hair, a shampoo bar specially made to help stimulate blood flow to the scalp and get hair growing, something I'm dying for as I want my long hair back asap!
Made with bay, clove and cinnamon essential oils, I'm not a big fan of the smell but it feel gorgeous in my hair and it is so easy to use! I just rubbed it in three circles on top on my hair and it lathered up so well, I wasn't expecting that at all! I do love the colour of the bar though and the fact that it is totally enviromentally friendly! It's supposed to last the same amount of time as three bottles of shampoo so I will deffinitely be purchasing that again!
Do you have any skin or haircare products that you love? Tell me!

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