Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Festival Fashion Essentials!

I'm going to a music festival during the Summer, Oxegen which I've never been to before. I've heard both good and bad things, so I'm going to write about my -must haves- to bring with me for the four days I'll be away. Hopefully it will be less of a nightmare than I've been told it is.
The weather is supposed to be atrocious every year so I highly doubt flipflops would be an option, instead I'll be bringing my pair of black leather Dr. Martens. These boots never fail to amaze me and can keep out any form of rain or snow, I'll be over the moon to have dry feet, as damp feet become unbelievably sore and irritating, that's the last thing I want for four days away!
Denim shorts are deffinitely a must have for Oxegen for me, they're comfertable and stylish, I find jeans to be annoying because I always have to pull them up, even if they fit me perfectly, I don't have this problem with shorts, be them high waisted or low waisted. They can be teamed with tights or long socks and still look summery, even if the weather is awful.
A nice summer dress will look really good paired with boots or wellies, whichever you're bringing so I think this is a deffinite yes. They can by found in any shop, and quite cheap too, I got a lovely black strapless one for €15 in New Look so there's no excuse for not having one!!
A few nice vest tops can be put with my shorts, Primark are seling really nice ones for €4 at the moment so I'll be down there really soon!
If the weather is to be as predicted I'll deffinitely be bringing a giant, long coat with a hood to keep me reletively dry during the weekend. They look wicked left open with a dress underneath or a shirt and some shorts.
With these items even if you're covered fully in mud you will have no excuse not to look brilliant this Festival season. 

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